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This is the archive of Redaktionsbuero (founded by Manuela Hötzl and Antje Mayer in 2000). Here you find all the texts and projects that we have written and produced between 2000 and 2009. Since 2009 we have two Redaktionsbueros, please visit us! 

Redaktionsbuero Architektur Manuela Hötzl e.U.
Redaktionsbuero Ost Antje Mayer e.U.

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"A Stroke of Good Fortune" | "Everything that can be imagined is feasible “ | "I'm a painter, but nobody believes me" | "Is there anyone here who, like, knows about music, say someone from the independent scene?" | "See you in hell, friends!" | "Slovene cultures of waiting and fear" | "THE BLACK FILE" - COLLAGE | "UFO over Vladivostok" | A Board Game in the “Heimatschutz” Region. Utopian Concepts of Tourism in Lech | A Day in the Life of Hungarian Radio Journalist Anna Lengyel | A Foreigner in Poland | A Revolution on Standby | A Slow Farewell to Czerwienne | A Tribute To Antonín Panenka or the End of Action Art | About the mega-backlog of architecture that deserves reviews, or the truthfulness and mercifulness of Austrian architectural criticism. | Agents of Change: "A new role for the profession” | Aleksandr Ilich Lyashenko known as Petlyura, | All Kinds of Action on the Eastern Front | AllesWirdGut | Always on the Edge | An Eclipsed People | Architecture for the public | Architecture Landscapes and Urban Regions | Architecture with national-romantic undertones | ART EAT PARTY AND SLEEP | Artists from Bratislava. Selected by Boris Ondreicka | Artists from Sarajevo. | Artists from Slovenia | Artists from Sofia | Austrian TransModernity_An Architecture of Synthesis and Restraint "A Very Nordic Thing" | "Among our people the psychology of servility has survived" | "Does the Electronic Scene in Riga differ from other Scenes in Europe?" | "Eating is something political" | "From a total of 300 interested architects’ offices, there were only fifteen from the East" | "In terms of democratic politics we have gone backwards by about 15 years" | "It doesn’t work that way in Ukraine" | "It's easier to breathe in Ukraine" | "It’s like a drug experience" | "Language is a Fundamental Aspect of Being Human" | "Our Key Area is Music" | "Reinventing the revolution" | "The Drive Towards Discourse" | "The show must avoid using the same old Balkan clichés" | "The Times Ahead in the USA Don't Look Good" | "We also see our collecting strategy as a political statement” | "We want to start small but first-rate initiatives" | Always in-between | Art Histories, plural. | Croatia: Tito and Milošević.Two inherited ideologies and no ideas for the future | East Art Map | East/West Art, or the Possibility of a Better World | Europe has miscalculated | Europe is not a weak figure | Everything under a single Roof | Forces in grey areas | Freedom comes | From Prostitute to Respectable Lady | In active cooperation | Interview with the Director of the Prague Spring Festival Roman Belor "Bringing Communism to the Museum" | "Celebrated Narrative and Suppressed Reality" | "The history of contemporary art in this collection is a history of 'neighbourhoods'" | "To leave the weakest behind in order to advance more quickly?" | "Why are not all European languages recognized as languages of the European Union?" | An Austrian expat’s description of the mood in neighbouring Germany: | Architecture for the public | Artists from Moscow.A selection by Irina Korina | Collecting as a Political Task | comment 1 | comment 2 | comment 3 | Going it Alone – Persistently | Instructions for a Visitor | Július is dead! | Local anaesthetic! | Overseas Utopias | Populism in East-Central Europe | Rodina. Views and Thoughts of a Young Ukrainian | What is \"real\" solidarity? | \"The History is not given, we have to construct it.\" | “What I had to learn was communication”