rrriot at the open stage, girl!

rrriot at the open stage, girl!

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published 05.04.2004

No more registrations for the Open Stage, please. We are already full!

girls, women, transgender!

dare ya to do what you want. dare ya to be who you will.
double dare ya to play at the ladyfest!

there will be an open stage on the first evening of the ladyfest, where you have the opportunity to present your music to the ladyfest audience. whether you’re performing solo or with a band, singing, squealing or playing a musical instrument – if you feel like appearing in public, contact us at:*

date open stage: thursday, 10.06.2004
place: EKH

*Attention: The "@" figure in the email addresses was substituted by "_at_" to make the email adresses human readable only!

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