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published 08.04.2004

June 10 - 13, 2004
Opening: June 9th

Hey Ladies!

We're currently putting together a collection of fanzines and comics by women/lesbians/transgenders from all over the world for an exhibiton at Ladyfest Vienna. If you're the creator of a fanzine/comic/any other non commercial d.i.y. paper product and want to be part of our project, send your work to:

Ladyfest Zines
Kriehubergasse 2/2
1050 Vienna

Deadline: April 30, 2004

If your fanzine/comic is written in a language other than english or german a translation would be awesome!

Please send us your email address! We might need it for further questions and for other zinesters or people who want to order your zine to contact you. In case you won't be able to be at Ladyfest Vienna - we'll do our best to introduce everyone involved to each other over the internet.

Unfortunately we won't be able to send you back your fanzine/comic - Ladyfest Vienna is a no budget project.

Looking forward to meeting you or/and your work!

contact: comics%ladyfestwien_at_gmx.net

*Attention: The "@" figure in the email address was substituted by "_at_" to make the email adresses human readable only!