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spread out

published 03.01.2004

Ladyfest Wien’s filmteam is currently seeking cutting edge experimental, pop- political, cultural films/videos of all lengths and genres, produced any year.
putting together an exciting film programme we need your feminist/ queer/ lady- made films focusing on popular culture, music videos, migration and the East/West divide.

please submit on vhs, dvd, minidv or beta - when using film please contact: film%ladyfestwien_at_gmx.net*

Along with your submission please include the following details:
- Your name, address and email address
- Title of film and year of completion
- Running time of film
- Statement about film
- If the language is neither English nor German a transcript of the dialogues in one of those languages

Send films and videos to:
Ladyfest Wien @ Filmcoop
Währingerstrasse 59
1090 wien

final deadline for submission is april 1.

Originating from the riot grrrl movement, Ladyfest Wien is a non-profit, cultural-social- pop- political event run by activists, gathering under the label Lady. Our mission is to encourage ladies of all ages and backgrounds to showcase, discuss and celebrate during a feminist, anti- racist and non- elitist festival. The DIY attitude should keep concerts, workshops, movie screenings and theory discussions affordable to everyone, if not free of charge.

*Achtung: Das "@" Zeichen in den E-Mail Adressen wurde durch "_at_" ersetzt, damit die Adressen nur "human readable" sind!

*Attention: The "@" figure in the email addresses was substituted by "_at_" to make the email adresses human readable only!

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