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revolution grrrl style now!
published 13.04.2004

talk and discussion

the ‘riot-grrrl’-movement: a feminist motivated theoretical perspective on a subversive practice

punkrock, gendertrouble, fanzines, rebellion, cybernetworks, provocation, labels, riot, workshops, … - could this be a third women’s movement, active postfeminism or rather a coming and going subversive confusion and bewilderment?
Considering the ‘riot-grrrl-movement’ as example I would like to depict the processes in the early nineties in the usa that led girls and young women to deal with subjects as sexism, racism, sex + gender, lesbian love, relationships between women in a enraged, visionary and oppositional manner. Some questions I deal with are which action forms they choosed, what about separatist tendencies or the use of the category girl / woman? At last I would like to discuss the identity politics and representation strategies used by feminist association such as ladyfest at present.

Speaker: Anja Ross, dipl.pädagogin, her interest in feminist theorie and genderstudies started during her studiesm has been following activla the development of the "riot grrrl movement" for 4 years, also forms of feminist and queer. at the moment living in paris.

Time: Friday 11th June 2004, 7 - 9 pm

Place: EKH, Volxbibliothek (2nd floor)

Open to: everybody

Language: speech in german / if needed english translation

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