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Ladyfest Wien - Final Discussion
published 05.05.2004

Ladyfest Wien is over - how was it?

We want to talk about the political perspectives that have been represented or 'hidden' or taken or promised und (not) given.... by Ladyfest Wien.
But also more in general: What did you like, what was problematical?
And which parts or aspects should/could go on?

Short Inputs by some Participants-musicians-artists-activists
... and diskussion with all.

time: Sunday, June 13, 5.00 pm

place: EKH

open to: everybody involved with Ladyfest Wien in one way or the other

language: English/German

pink and silver
robot: basic electronics and mechanics
feminist selfdefense
dance and improvisation
silk-screen printing - bunglerworkshop
computer security: virtual world and private sphere
political art performance / philippines
Talking Whitness!
electronic music
d.i.y. zine-workshop
posse! performative practice between art and politics
from within to can't do without: textworkshop & poetry slam
revolution grrrl style now!